Monday, August 21, 2006

Burgle the Burgler!

At Sakon's hideout(Ikana Canyon)there is a crack in the rock on the right side,roll into it till you get in!Sometimes you fall in the "nothingness water",if you don't know what it is,try this trick.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Get into the Carpenters tent with Epona(sort of)

Get on Epona and get in front of the Carpenter's Tent. Angle Epona slightly to the right and walk into the entrance.Keep walking forward and turn slightly to each side to try and get Epona's head to go past the wooden post. Once it is, hold the analog stick forward and use a carrot to speed up and turn to the left,Epona should lean over to the left and the screen will fade.You'll be in the Carpenter's Tent.
Another way:
Go to Gerudo Fortress and get on Epona.Go over to where the two sets of two crates are and place Epona between them facing the crates on the right, like this. Dismount and destroy the two crates in front of Epona. Now move Epona forwards until there is just enough room for you to run between her and the wall in front of her,like this. Enter the Fortress then exit, the crates should have now reappeared with Epona in the middle. Destroy the crate furthest away from the wall and Epona should popup onto the other one, like this. Climb onto the crate that Epona is on(if you can't you'll need to position her closer to the side ofthe crates inthe firstpart), drop a bomb and climb onto Epona before the bomb explodes.When it does Epona will fall to the ground, the screen will fade and you'll be inside the Fortress.

Invisible Epona

As swordless Link get on Epona, then go to Gerudo Valley. Have the Ocarina equipped to a c-button.Run towards the bridge as though you are going to jump it, just before(about 1/2 second) Epona jumps the bridge push the c-button the Ocarina is equipped to. The cinema showing Link and Epona jumping the bridge will play but there will be no Link or Epona present.When the cinema ends you'll see that Epona is stuck in the bridge and Link is standing behind her with the Ocarina out, oddly though the camera is acting as though you don't have the Ocarina out and will be behind Link.Putting the Ocarina away will make Epona go ahead and jump the bridge without the cinema, and also without Link, you'll now be controlling Epona and Link at the same time with the camera following Epona.Other items can be pulled out just before the cinema takes place too, the Hookshot/Longshot for example will result in its red aimer dot being visible during the cinema.

Deku sword

Firstly you will need to be Swordless Link, but not have won Epona off Ingo.As Swordless Link go to Lon-Lon Ranch.Talk to Ingo and pay to ride a horse.Once you're inside the corral, hop onto a horse(doesn't have to be Epona). Jump off the Horse.You'll now have a Deku Stick equipped to the B button, pressing B will cause the game to freeze if you have more than 0 Deku Sticks.

First person view

As swordless Link call Epona and get on her. Use a Deku nut, Link will fall off Epona.Now pull outtheHookshot/Longshot and attempt to shoot it, the game will start beeping like crazy.Use another Deku nut.You can run around like normal and the camera will be stuck in Link's head making it look like he is in first person mode.

crazy haze

As swordless Link go to Lon-Lon Ranch at the end of the day, just before it turns to night.Talk to Malon and choose to do the obstacle course.Once you have started doing it use the ocarina, Link will fall off Epona, now play the song of storms.Rust colored fog will fill the ranch. And the ground, buildings etc will disappear, after about a minute everything will go back to normal.

Purple haze

As swordless Link go to Lon-Lon Ranch.Talk to Malon and choose to do the obstacle course. Once you have started doing it use the ocarina, Link will fall off Epona, now play the Song of Storms.Purple fog will fill the ranch. At times getting so thick that it obscures Link and Epona, after about a minute it will disappear.

"Lock up"the game using the Giants mask

Put on the bunny hood and get into Sakon’s hideout and when it’s Kaife’s turn, put the Giant’s mask on the “C” button where the bunny hood was.When it’s your turn he’ll put it on and the game “Locks up” and the blue swirly thing’ll be there

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The three Fs, Forever Falling Fear.

Become the Fierce Deity (out of battle)exept,at the end of the challange,DON'T PUSH THE BUTTON.Instead Backflip on to the conveyerbelt and when the mask falls,go in the hole and move around till' you fall right through.When you get to the bottom you'll restart it over again till' the moon falls.When it does,you'll have the same amount of life and your hearts won't be reduced to 3.

Underground Epona.

Play Epona's song infront of the Sign that says"Lon Lon Ranch ->".You'll hear Epona, but she's underground?

Ocarina on "B"

Go to Honey and Darlins' shop and play any game.When 1 second hits, press "Z" target and go off the end just enough to hang (very difficult)and now your swordless.Go to the octo shooting gallery and play.When your done, somehow you have the ocarina on "B"!You'llalways have it exept if you go on Epona and back off.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Wear the Fierce Diety's mask anywhere and out of boss battles.

Go to Ikana Canyon and go to Sakon's hideout and put and keep the bunny hood on.Do the "Burgle the Burgler",or get in reguarly,Then when it's Kaifei's turn(any time)and where the Bunny hood is,put the Fierce Diety's mask.Now complete it and go down the waterfall.

Infinitie fins.MM

Put on the Zora's mask and launch your fins, take it of ,then, put it back on and launch your fins and do it as many times as you want,and the fins'llstill be flyin'!!!

Wearing a rock.

Go to the circle of rocks near Goron city.Equip your hover boots, walk off and while still hovering,go infront of a rock and grab it.When you fall,you'll be wearing a rock.

Stealing the fishing rod.V. 1.0 ONLY!

Go to the fishing pond pay him, blah, blah, blah and take out your hover boots,run in the water and just before they ware out,cast your line.Now you can go out without having him say "no!!!".While yor outside,DON'T CAST YOUR LINE or otherwise the game'll freeze.If you want a Deku stick on "B",get in the water, press "pause" then "unpause", and wala!But if you try to use it,the game'll freeze.

Getting in Gerudo's Fortress as a kid.

Get on the farthest pillar on the bridge in Gerudo's Valley.Then place a bomb next to the Gerudo standing guard and quickly before the bomb goes off,jump and do a jumping attack.and eventually you'll get in,it's extremly difficult with out falling off the bridge.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Forever running!

Go to the Temple of Time and go to the pedestal, hold the analog stick forward ,press and hold,"L" and "A".Now you are always running.

Never stop..

Push the analog stick up and push "L","R" and start at the same time then unpause.Now you won't stop running until you push the same buttons again.

Close up view.

Do the same thing as "playing item ocarina" exept use your shield and do it just when you land.You'll be very close up and going the opposite direction of where you direct.

Air drinker.

Do the same thing as "playing item ocarina, exept use a bottle.

It's a's a's..Link?!

Perform "swordless link" and get on Epona.go anywhere where you can grab onto something with your hookshot.While on Epona, shoot something and push "A" two times .when your hovering ,try not to touch the ground or you'll have to reset.To get out of it go back to your target or get attack.

Six feet under.

Perform "swordless link", go to Lake Hylia and get on Epona.While on Epona,get as close as possible to the 'warp' going to Zora's Domain.Equip the iron boots and use the ocarina or deku nut to dismount Epona.Very slowly go to the 'warp' and press "A" and immediately take off the iron boots.Then switch between the boots to get underneath the ice.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Playing item Ocarina.

Get a fish or bug in a bottle.Then get it in your hand so your holding it.Jump off of a high surface,or if you get quick at it you can backflip,and while you're in the air, push the "C" button or "B" button with the item you want to play,then push the "C" button with the fish or bug in it.

When you land, you'll take out the item and play it!

Teleporting fish.

You must not of gotten Saria's song yet.Get a fish in a bottle and go to the Sacred Forest Meadow.At the top of the stairs, before the cinema starts,dump the fish out,and go to Saria.

When you get there, the fish'll be on her lap,ewwww! 0_0

Swordless link.OOT

All version glitch.Get in the final battle with pig like Ganon Let him knock your sword away and perform"playing item ocarina"and play the Sun's song.let him knock the sword back and warp using the"playing item ocarina" or save and reset.

Day 1 just havin' fun.

If you have any new Cheats or glitches, please send them in by pushing"Blog This"at the top of the page, have fun!^_^