Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Getting in Gerudo's Fortress as a kid.

Get on the farthest pillar on the bridge in Gerudo's Valley.Then place a bomb next to the Gerudo standing guard and quickly before the bomb goes off,jump and do a jumping attack.and eventually you'll get in,it's extremly difficult with out falling off the bridge.


mario man said...

this is almost impossible!

Kura said...

Oh my frikin god!!!!! everyone keeps telling me you just go in!!! you need the fuking white clothes dont you??!!!! DONT YOU???!!!! no one tells me!!!! JUST FUKING TELL ME WHERE TO GET THE WHITE CLOTHES!!!!! I HAVE THE MASK I NEED THE WHITE CLOTHES!!!! UGH!!!!!!

Blaziken584 said...

Um, no, you can't get the white tunic whitout cheating XP and what does the mask have to do with getting in????? You have to glitch your way in XP

Anonymous said...

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