Thursday, August 10, 2006

Get into the Carpenters tent with Epona(sort of)

Get on Epona and get in front of the Carpenter's Tent. Angle Epona slightly to the right and walk into the entrance.Keep walking forward and turn slightly to each side to try and get Epona's head to go past the wooden post. Once it is, hold the analog stick forward and use a carrot to speed up and turn to the left,Epona should lean over to the left and the screen will fade.You'll be in the Carpenter's Tent.
Another way:
Go to Gerudo Fortress and get on Epona.Go over to where the two sets of two crates are and place Epona between them facing the crates on the right, like this. Dismount and destroy the two crates in front of Epona. Now move Epona forwards until there is just enough room for you to run between her and the wall in front of her,like this. Enter the Fortress then exit, the crates should have now reappeared with Epona in the middle. Destroy the crate furthest away from the wall and Epona should popup onto the other one, like this. Climb onto the crate that Epona is on(if you can't you'll need to position her closer to the side ofthe crates inthe firstpart), drop a bomb and climb onto Epona before the bomb explodes.When it does Epona will fall to the ground, the screen will fade and you'll be inside the Fortress.


Mario man! said...

When I got in,Epona wasn't there?

King of Hyrule said...

Duh,that's why I said "sort of"