Wednesday, September 06, 2006

100+ Gold Skulltulas II

Find any Golden Skulltula, as a child.Kill the Golden Skulltula.Equip the Ocarina and the boomerang.Throw your boomerang at the Golden Skulltula.As the boomerang reaches Link with the token in tow pull out the Ocarina, you must pull it out about 1/2 a second before you get the token.
If done correctly Link will begin to take out the Ocarina, pause for a second to grab the boomerang out of midair, then continue to take out the Ocarina, the text box saying you got a Golden Skulltula token may briefly appear anPlay any warp song and choose to warp to the destination, or, if you're in an area where time doesn't pass (e.g. Kokiri Forest) just play the Sun's Song.When you get there check your Golden Skulltula token total, it should have gone up by one, go back to where the Skulltula was and it should still be there.If you're having trouble taking out the Ocarina at exactly the right moment try this:When the Boomerang has almost got back to you pull out the Ocarina.Continue pressing, as fast as you can, the c-button the Ocarina is equipped to.Press B.Repeat from step 2 until the Boomerang reaches you.
What this should make you do is take out the Ocarina, put it away, take it out straight away and so on, every time you put the Ocarina away the Boomerang will get marginally closer, just make sure to stop when you get the Boomerang.

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