Thursday, September 07, 2006

Ghost Link

Go to one of the corners described below.Walk as far as you can into the corner and face the middle of it.Draw your sword and press and hold Z.Hold forward on the analog stick and press A to do a jumping attack into the corner.If you were aligned correctly with the corner you will go through one of the walls. If you didn't, you may have noticed that Link went through the wall but then came back out, this means you are doing the right thing, use the inhead view to adjust your angle and try again.You will now be on the other side of the wall, an area you cannot normally reach.
Corners and results:
As an adult to the immediate right of King Zora.Go anti-clockwise around the Great Deku Tree until you reach the first area enclosed by roots (immediatley after the Gossip stone). The corner is the one made by the root closest to Kokiri Forest and wall.You can walk around on a small area of land outside of the normal game area.In the Spirit Temple as you enter there are two snake statues to your left and right, the corner is made by the left hand statue and adjacent wall.You can walk around inside the statue.In the Forest Temple, there are elevated platforms on both the left and right sides of the main room. On these platforms are doors, and on both sides of these doors are pillasters (square pillars coming out of the wall). The corners are made by the sides of the pillasters furthest away from the doors and the adjacent walls.
Jump off the small area of land you are on and you should land on invisible ground below. You will now be in another part of the Temple, the difference is that everything is completely black (no textures), there are no enemies and no doors.Some water is still there though, and climbable vines also. You can access about half the Temple in complete darkness and you can still see the main room off in the distance, it looks really cool.In Kakariko Village the corner made by the side of the general store (as an adult, as a child it is the little boy's house) closest to Death Mountain and the adjacent rock wall.
You will be on an area of land inside the house, walk into the door from behind and you will be inside the general store (even if you do it as a child!).Entering Kakariko Village from the Graveyard, the corner is made from the end of the stone "tunnel" closest to the Graveyard and the adjacent rock wall.You will be on a small area of land behind the wall. Before you do this chuck some Cuccos into the middle of the tunnel, then quickly do the glitch, grab one of the Cuccos from behind the wall, now while holding the Cucco face towards the Well and walk backwards off into air. Float towards the Well and the bottom half of it will appear, float into the black area at the bottom, you will be taken to the Bottom of the Well. This lets you get into the bottom of the Well as an adult, or earlier than you normally can.In Kakariko Village enter the Potion shop (as an adult, as a child it is a house with a builder inside) and exit out the back door, walk straight ahead and fall to the ground below. The corner is now directly to your left.You will be on an area of land under the Potion shop, using the Longshot on the nearby crates you can pull yourself to other areas outside the normal game walls.In the Master sword part of the Temple of Time. The corners are made from the two pillars, and the walls they are touching, next to the 'tunnel' that leads to the rest of the Temple.You are on a tiny area of land inside the pillar.In the Ice Cavern go to the room with the revolving blade and take the right hand passage. In the room at the end of this passage you can go between the ice and wall to your left as you enter.You are behind the walls, and can walk around the outside the room.Go to the Spirit Temple as either child or adult Link, go through the child part of the Temple until you come to the outside area where the chest that had the Silver Gauntlets in it is. Behind the chest is the lower part of the giant statue's arm, climb up this part of the arm, the corner is made by the upper part of the arm and the wall to your left.You fall into the void.As an adult exit the Kokiri Forest shop and face towards the Great Deku Tree, jump into the water in front of you and go to to corner where the water meets the Forest wall and ends, this is the corner you can go through.
You can swim around underneath the ground in a limited area. This also lets you do the Zora Link glitch in Kokiri Forest.Know of a corner that works but is not listed here? Send it in!


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